Fareham Labour campaign to ‘Save the NHS”

Fareham Labour Party will be in West Street, Fareham this Saturday to highlight the plight of the NHS under the current Tory Government’s hands and demanding changes to Save our NHS.

Fareham Labour is joining the Labour party’s national ‘Campaign Day’, our members will be distributing leaflets about the ‘ill health’ of the NHS nationally and campaigning for better services locally.

The poor state of the NHS in our area has been highlighted by the failing performance of QA hospital’s A&E department.  In particular, waiting times for patients in ambulances, waiting for admission for hours before being treated, creates serious problems for the local Ambulance service and other healthcare and welfare support providers.

Recent NHS data has shown that Portsmouth NHS Hospital Trust is the 17th worst performing trust out of 140 and that long A&E waits are more likely for local residents than in most other parts of the country.

Labour demands immediate improvements in our local area and blames the Tories for the lack of funding and poor organisation that have resulted in this current state of affairs. Only a Labour Government committed to the NHS will be able to bring in the improvements to our local NHS services that are so desperately needed.

We look forward speaking to Fareham residents about their concerns with the current NHS problems and our plans to Save our NHS for a better future.


Notes :

The target for Accident & Emergency cases is 95 per cent of patients should be seen within four hours but the QA has only achieved 76.2 per cent.

Members will be meeting with the public in West Street between 10.30 and 1200 this Saturday, 26 November.