Labour calls for Lib Dem Leader Cllr Whittle to resign

Fareham Labour Party has called on Leader of the Lib Dem Group Cllr Paul Whittle to resign from the council after it emerged that he had taken a job in Saudi Arabia.

Labour Spokesperson Richard Ryan said  “The idea that  Cllr Paul Whittle can be working in Saudi Arabia and remain a Councillor for Fareham East let alone Leader of the Lib Dem Group is frankly absurd. Having a full time job locally and being on the council is difficult enough but to be thousands of miles away is just impossible. Residents rightly want and need councillors who are available at short notice to take up their issues. They do not want to have to wait maybe weeks or even months to be able to speak to their representative face to face. It’s all very well Cllr Whittle saying he is always on the phone or email but that doesn’t help when residents want to show Cllr Whittle problems such as pot holes or grounds maintenance issues.”


We suspect that privately the Lib Dem group is also far from happy. How on earth can you have a leader of a political group who will be unable to respond to local issues instantly. Is Cllr Whittle really going to come over from the middle east for group meetings?


Frankly the only honourable thing Cllr Whittle can do is to resign immediately and let the residents of Fareham East have another councillor who will at least be living and working in the country.