Labour Condemns Latest Hallam Plan

Fareham Labour Party has condemned the latest reported development plan by Hallam for housing on the greenfield site south of Longfield Avenue. The ‘revised’ plan reduces the number of homes on the site from 1,550 to 1,100.

Labour’s spokesperson Richard Ryan said “All this plan does is slightly reduce the number of houses on the site. The plan is still to build on the green strategic gap between Fareham and Stubbington. If and when this plan is put to Fareham’s Planning Committee it should and must be thrown straight out.

Fareham Labour is on record as being opposed to any developments on the strategic gaps in the borough including the one between Fareham and Stubbington. One of the main reasons for Welborne is to protect our few remaining green field sites such as this site. If this proposal were to be approved it would cast doubt on the very reason for Welborne.”