Labour condemns Lidl plan

The Labour Party has condemned Fareham Council’s Planning Committee for approving the extension of the Lidl store at the Apex Centre, Newgate Lane.

The plan will see 70 skilled jobs under threat after the approval for a larger Lidl store on the site. The plan means that the site, housing a number of small highly specialised businesses, will be destroyed to make way for the new super store.

Spokesperson for Fareham Labour Party Richard Ryan said “Labour condemns the Tory controlled planning committee for passing this application. We objected to the plan as we were afraid this would put at risk these highly skilled jobs and remove much needed small businesses from the area. Now the application has been approved we are concerned for the future of these jobs and businesses.

Labour believes that although retail jobs are as important as any other this approval risks the removal of much need technical employment.

We see that Lidl has promised to help those businesses they are displacing. Well that remains to be seen. What we demand is that Lidl live up to their promise and as the Council has approved the plan, it is Fareham Council’s responsibility to do all they can to find other acceptable sites for these businesses to transfer to.”