Labour Oppose Hallam Development south of Longfield Avenue

Fareham Labour Party is opposed to the proposal for a new housing development off Peak Lane by Hallam Land Management.

Peak Lane, Fareham
Junction of Peak Lane and Rowan Way

We believe this proposal to build 1550 houses plus infrastructure and amenities on the strategic gap between Fareham and Stubbington undermines the principle, and part of the borough plan, of maintaining separate and distinct communities within the borough. Local residents are obviously concerned about the impact of this huge development which would remove a vast swathe of green space that provides habitats for wildlife and enriches the character of Fareham. It would impact adversely on Oxleys Coppice, an ancient semi-natural woodland remnant, designated as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation.

Fareham Labour Party is on record as opposing house building south of Longfield Avenue, and we continue to hold that position. Indeed in a submission to Fareham Borough Council regarding the Stubbington By-pass we specifically proposed that no houses should be built along the route of the by-pass.

Longfield Avenue, Rowan Way and the surrounding roads already suffer from significant congestion at peak periods and this would only be exacerbated by a development on the scale proposed by Hallam Land Management. This proposal is not welcomed by the local residents and is not the right answer to addressing the housing needs in Fareham Borough.

Labour will oppose this or any other planning application to build off Peak Lane. We believe that any major new house building should be kept to Fareham’s ‘new community’ of Wellborne, which is one of the reasons we supported its creation.