Labour Says No Development on Portchester Shopping Centre Car Park

Portchester Branch Labour Party has demanded no development on the Portchester shopping centre car park.

Portchester Precinct Car Park
Portchester Precinct Car Park

The car park has been designated as an area which could be developed for retail purposes under Fareham Borough Council’s proposed new town plan. Only a few years ago local residents fought off attempts to introduce car parking charges and the prospect of a supermarket being built on the car park.

Now we see the danger again of development on this very important parking area. The car park is always well used and any reduction would harm shops within the centre and increase on street parking nearby.

In a submission to Fareham Council Labour said

  • The extension of the Portchester district centre boundary will create development pressure on the existing car park.
  • The plan should stipulate no loss of parking.
  • Any more loss of parking would harm the district centre.
  • The impact of any removal of parking would seriously harm the viability of the centre.
  • The plan does not identify what size or form any development will be accepted.
  • The plan should explicitly exclude any major development. (1000m sq +)
  • The district boundary should not be extended. It is already extensive enough for any substantial new retail development.