Local MP Condemned on EU Plan

Fareham Labour Party has condemned local MP Suella Fernandes after she was reported as writing in The Daily Telegraph that the UK should leave the EU single market and the customs union.

Labour spokesperson Richard Ryan said “Of course we should respect the British people’s wish to leave the EU but I’m sure people didn’t vote to be poorer or cut themselves off from our friends and neighbours. If we were to leave the single market and the customs union we would put this country in danger of having to endure trade tariffs which would increase prices at home and make our exports more costly abroad.

What we don’t need is right wing Tory MPs like Ms Fernandes making out that cutting ourselves off from the largest trading block in the world will somehow be to our advantage. We need responsible leadership that will try to achieve an agreement which gives us the greatest possible access to the single market and retain membership of the customs union.”