Portchester Labour Party expresses disgust at local Conservative Candidate leaflets

Portchester Labour has expressed disgust at the distasteful leaflets currently being delivered in Portchester, printed on blue paper under the label ‘In Touch’

Portchester Branch Labour Party has been involved in local politics ever since the years following the Second World War. Over those years, party members have sought election at county and borough level as well as contesting seats at Parliamentary elections. As a political party we have robustly debated the way forward for our village, borough and nation with both Conservative and Liberal opponents.

Labour spokesperson Stuart Rose says “In all those years we have never read anything as bitter, biased and distasteful as the Conservative candidate’s leaflets currently being delivered in Portchester. This leaflet, while not attacking me personally or The Labour Party generally carried banner headlines reading: “Let them in scream the Lib-Dems” – alluding to the issue of The European Union membership and immigration.

Another leaflet was clearly in the same tone showed the Conservative candidate draped in the Union Flag and standing by the local war memorial. This is the nadir of local politics; many of those who died in the war were members of both The Liberal & Labour parties, indeed many were of other nationalities and races who fought alongside us such as the Polish airmen.

Portchester Labour insists on an apology from Trevor Alford and calls on the local Conservative Party to ensure that such offensive leaflets are not repeated in Fareham.