Stubbington By-election candidate announced

Matt Randall will contest the Stubbington by-election for Fareham Borough Council on November 9th.

Labour demand a better service for Stubbington

It’s time for a change at Fareham Borough. A Labour councillor will press for improved services for the residents of Stubbington. We will take action on things that affect us all.

For too long Fareham has been ruled by the out-of-touch Tory controlled council, with services reduced without proper consultation. Local infrastructure, such as roads,and essential services including the police, fire and the NHS have suffered as a result.

Austerity from the Tory government compounded by the artificially low rise in council tax for the last 9 years has meant that cuts to local services have been deeper than they otherwise might have been.

Labour councillors will ensure that there is much closer scrutiny of council decisions in future about local services,ensuring transparency and genuine consultation with local people.

Our Pledges to you

  • Secure better local infrastructure

Labour supports investment in local infrastructure including the Stubbington by-pass

  • Protect open spaces

Labour will promote a housing policy which protects our
strategic gaps.

  • Campaign for safer roads

Will continue our ’20 is plenty’ speed limit campaign and
fight for more cycleways.

  • Defend our local services

Labour will fight to resist damaging cuts to local

  • Listen to local residents

Labour will promote transparency and meaningful
consultation on local issues.