Our Policies for Fareham

Working for a better Fareham

Fareham Labour pledges :

Better Services for Fareham Residents

Labour believes it’s time for a change at Fareham Borough. Labour councillors will press for improved services for the residents of Fareham. We will take action on things
that affect us all.
For too long Fareham has been ruled by the out-of-touch Tory controlled councils, with services reduced without proper consultation. Local infrastructure, such as roads, and essential services including the police, fire and the NHS have suffered as a result.
Austerity from the Tory government compounded by the freeze in council tax for the last eight years has meant that cuts to local services have been deeper than they otherwise might have been.
Labour Councillors will ensure that there is much closer scrutiny of council decisions in future about local services, ensuring transparency and genuine consultation with local people.


Labour will introduce 20mph speed limits in residential areas with local support. We will implement a Hampshire wide transport card like the successful Oyster Card in London.


We, believe that cycling should be encouraged as a boost to fitness and good health and a sound environmentaly friendly alternative to the car. Cyclists should expect that they can make their journeys safely and the use of dedicated cycle lanes on highways or shared cycle and pedestrian pathways can make a significant contribution towards encouragement of this mode of transport. On major routes through the borough of Fareham the current provision for cyclists is sadly lacking.


Labour will defend Sure Start Childrens’ Centres and is opposed to the proposed cuts by Hampshire County Council.
Labour will encourage co-operation between academies, local authority & free schools.

Protecting our Environment

We will fight to protect our green open spaces and strategic gaps within Fareham and we are opposed to proposals to develop land south of Longfield Avenue Fareham and Cranleigh Road Portchester.
Labour is committed to providing green energy & sustainable transport.


Historically there have been three systems dealing with physical health, mental health and social care.

Separating a persons needs into these three categories is leading to increasingly familiar care problems and an inefficient use of resources.

Labour is consulting on a proposal to fully integrate health and social care in a `single pooled budget.

Action to Help Hard Working Families

This Tory Government’s cuts are having a big impact on local services and the residents that depend upon them, which is also depressing economic growth. Labour is committed to boost the local economy.

Better Housing For All

We support the Welborne housing development north of the M27. There is a desperate need for housing in Fareham and especially affordable housing, i.e. housing that is available to people on low and median incomes. This scheme will also safeguard existing open spaces within Fareham and the proposed developments such as on the land south of Longfield Avenue, in Fareham Park Road and Cranleigh Road Portchester.

If we do not plan for the future our children and grand-children will be unable to buy homes locally and will be forced to move away from the town in which they grew up.

Now that the Welborne development has approval, Labour will demand a good mix of all types of housing, including a high proportion of affordable and social housing (housing provided by the council or housing associations). We will also demand that adequate schools, doctor’s and dentist’s surgeries, shops community facilities and road improvements are provided.

Free at Three

We believe free parking in the town centre car parks after 3.00pm would encourage more people to shop in our town centre helping the local economy. With Whiteley shopping centre having free parking we think it is vital that something is done to keep Fareham’s shopping centre vibrant.


Labour is pledged to stimulate the economy


  • supporting the housing development north of the M27.
  • encouraging training and apprenticeship opportunities.
  • encourage better transport links to Fareham town and neighbourhood centres
  • Introduce a ‘Free after Three’ car parking scheme to encourage shoppers to the town centre after 3pm to support local traders.