Labour to object to housing at Newgate Lane

Fareham Labour Party will submit objections to planning appeals which would risk the strategic gap between Fareham and Gosport. Three planning proposals would mean 289 houses being built on greenfield sites in the Newgate Lane area. The applications are for: Bargate Homes 99 houses north of Brookers Lane footpath and 115 houses north of Woodcote Lane footpath, Fareham Land proposes 75 houses in the area.

The appeals come as Tory controlled Fareham Borough Council failed to determine the applications in time leaving one of the developers to appeal regarding the non-determination of the 99 housing site. This leaves all three plans now being decided by a government inspector.

Labour spokesperson Richard Ryan said “Frankly the abject failure of the Tory controlled council to not decide these plans on time has put these greenfield sites and the strategic gap in real danger. By their incompetence the decision has been taken out of local hands and given to an inspector who will not know the area as well as local people. These developments would mean more loss of our precious greenfields”

Fareham Labour is on record as saying that Welborne should supply most of the housing development within the Borough with brownfield sites meeting any additional requirements.