Fareham Labour Party response to local plan consultation

Fareham Labour has submitted a response to Fareham Borough Council’s consultation on the revised Fareham Local Plan.

Labour said we welcome the fact that the revised local plan reduces the number of houses to be built on greenfield sites as we believe that the bulk of the housing needs for Fareham should be accommodated through a combination of the Welborne development and through the use of brownfield sites elsewhere in the borough. We welcome the removal of sites in Portchester and Wallington and preservation of the strategic gap between Fareham and Gosport. We remain concerned at the level of development proposed for the Western Wards. We are disappointed that greenfield sites remain under threat. We support prioritising brownfield sites, including building higher density housing in existing town centres. 

We do not agree that the provision for affordable homes in the plan is adequate. We question whether this plan is accounting for growth in demand over this period or even seeking to maintain a bare minimum in providing good living conditions for local families. We see town centres as one area that can provide much needed affordable housing.

Fareham Borough Council should not ignore the fact that many especially young people need affordable housing. The council should identify further brownfield sites for development.

The Fareham local plan should include a new railway station on the Western edge of the Welborne development, this is relevant for the whole of Fareham, not just for Welborne. Residents in existing housing in North Fareham would be able to use this new station at Welborne including by walking and cycling. The provision of such a railway station is essential to take sufficient traffic off the roads in Fareham to avoid severe traffic congestion. A bus service will not achieve the necessary modal shift to public transport. If people can walk to and from the railway station in Welborne and only have to buy a rail ticket they will take the train. If people have to spend time and money travelling by bus to Fareham Railway Station to take the train they will drive and we shall have severe road traffic congestion in Fareham.