Labour object to reduction in affordable housing at Welborne

Fareham Labour Party has submitted an objection to plans that would see a reduction in affordable housing at the Welborne development. Labour said:
“Fareham Labour Party object to the proposed revisions to the Welborne planning application. Affordable housing numbers are in danger of being drastically cut and we do not view this proposal as acceptable. The proposed change in funding to the redesign of the M27 J10 motorway junction negotiated by the developer and Fareham Borough Council would not have been necessary should the undue delays in the process caused Solent LEP funding to lapse. Whilst the modifications to the motorway junction are a necessary pre-requisite for the development to proceed without causing a significant adverse effect on traffic within Fareham, this redesign should not be funded by the developer to the detriment of affordable housing and we call on Fareham Borough to pursue alternative funding mechanisms for the highways changes needed.”