Labour object to proposed plan at Cranleigh Road Portchester

Portchester Branch of Fareham Labour Party has objected to the proposed building of 135 houses on land north of Cranleigh Road Portchester.

In a formal objection Labour said:

The proposed housing is to be built on the existing green strategic gap between Portchester and Fareham. This is contrary to the longstanding policy of Fareham Borough Council and Hampshire County Council which have both declared the strategic gap between the two towns should be preserved. The proposed building would increase the density of residential properties within the already built-up area and would not be in keeping with the street scene.

The proposed development would lead to an unacceptable increase in traffic movement along Cornaway Lane and the residential road of Cranleigh Road. The extra traffic would cause congestion on the Seagull roundabout and cause more congestion on the A27 which already has heavily traffic at peak travel times.

This planning application flies in the face of the publicly stated policy of Fareham Borough Council that says the new development at Welborne should cater for any major greenfield site development within the Borough. Fareham Borough Council produced a list of ‘risks’ to the Borough’s green fields if Welborne did not receive approval. One of the sites in the paper was for the area covered by this application

It is Labour’s opinion that if this development goes ahead then the whole reason for Welborne would be brought into question.